Ethos Committee

Who are we?

Two children from each class from Year 1 through to Year 6 including two members of staff.

What is our purpose?

  • To think about what makes our school special as a Church School.
  • To make links with our local church, St John the Baptist Church.
  • To think about how we can make our school a caring place.
  • To help plan and improve the collective workship and prayers we hold each day in school.
  • To help plan and improve the celebrations we hold throughout the school year.
  • To look at what we learn in RE and what resources we use.
  • To look at the ways we can help our local and wider communities.
  • To look at how we learn about other faiths and cultures.
  • To help plan and improve how UCFS looks as a Church School.
  • To help write an RE newsletter.

How will we do it?

  • We will meet to talk and come up with ideas.
  • We will watch Collective Worship and think of ways to improve them.
  • We will talk to the children, parents and staff in school to find things out.
  • We will tell SOAC and UCAT about the work we are doing as a committee.
  • We will evaluate our changes to see if they improve the way we work in school.

Our Wishes...

  • To help develop a 'Voice for Every Child'
  • To develop the special Christian values of friendship, hope peace, compassion, thankfulness and trust across the school community.

Meet our Team...