Eco Committee

As an eco-committee, it is our job to work with the children in school, parents and our local community to make UCFS a more environmentally friendly place. The committee is made up of two children from each year group with a particular interest in improving our planet. Members are democratically elected by each class and represent the thoughts and views of the children within their class.

Eco meetings are held once a week where we discuss environmental issues, ways in which we can become a more eco-friendly school and organise visitors and workshops, which will include all classes in what we are trying to achieve.

Our first initiative has been to raise awareness of the conservation of energy. Did you know that lighting accounts for 50% of the electricity bill in an average school? Can you believe that? We have set up a monitoring system to encourage teachers and pupils to switch off their lights and their smart board projectors when they are not in use for over 3 minutes. By the end of term, we will be announcing the most energy smart classroom.

If you have any ideas for the eco-committee, please see your class representative.

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