Our Faith

Ofsted express the view that children's involvement in music engages and re-engages pupils, increasing their self-esteem, and maximising their progress in education and not just in music. (Making more of music: an evaluation of music in schools 2005/08, Ofsted, February 2009.)

Making music and performing has the potential to enhance a wide range of cognitive skills in children and boost their self-esteem. Engaging them with a range of types of music enables them to gain some understanding of the significance of music around the world, and of how particular types of music reflect the culture of origins. Robust research has demonstrated music’s impact upon pupils’ ability to process information, reason and make sense of the world around them. Music strongly supports literacy and numeracy, as well as providing opportunities for the development of their creativity and self-expression.

Studies have shown that music instruction improved pupils’ ability to remember words and so improve their vocabulary, and also enhance language development. (Sylvain Moreno et al, Short-Psychological Science, September 2011.)

We will provide a safe, happy and respectful environment in which children develop academically, socially, musically and spiritually.

We will provide an environment that is consistent with UCAT’s philosophy in which staff and pupils will be expected to work together to:

  • Believe   in themselves and each other
  • Belong    to an inclusive, harmonious community
  • Become  the very best they can be