A Voice for Every Child

A Voice for Every Child’ is the motto for our school and the main driver for our curriculum:

  • Expression through music is a constant theme in the life of the school and permeates the curriculum supporting other subjects wherever possible, e.g. English, World Language, History, Art. We use the unique context of choral riches provided by our location to support and extend this theme as well as seejubg to provide specialist support for gifted and talented pupils from other schools in the wider Chester area.   
  • Active and thoughtful learning in which pupils develop their individual voice and the skills of enterprise and leadership. Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills appropriate to each level of progression are key to pupils’ development and eventual transition to secondary school and life-long learning.  These skills are developed in every part of the curriculum, including our enrichment programmes, and recorded in each pupils' learning journal. Teaching is whole class in the main, with extensive group work supported by individual and small group in-class support and withdrawal as necessary. We aim to work with teaching assistants, parents and other volunteers including University students to support this approach. Learning will be active rather than passive and interactive wherever possible, including full use of modern technology, music technology and research evidenced pedagogy. Pupils will be encouraged to adopt standard group-roles, e.g. chair, reporter, researcher, scribe, envoy etc to consolidate learning and develop transferable skills.
  • Communication: every pupil is fully encouraged to acquire appropriate communication skills and understanding in reading, writing, speaking, listening and number in order to develop independence as a learner and as a young citizen.
  • Appreciation of different cultures and languages will be experienced by every pupil to support the learning of their own language and culture and to develop an understanding of equality and diversity. International links will be developed in many ways.