Year 1

Class Mascot

Buster Bear has had a lovely break too! We will continue to send him home with children who have demonstrated good behaviour and hard work throughout the week.

Parents Evening

We will have our second parents evening in the week commencing 18th January and we are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress and targets for this term. Letters will go out to make appointments. However if there are any things you want to discuss in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Our Topic

We will be starting our new topic ‘What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about Chester?’ This is a broad topic title, so we can include many cross curricular links such as history, geography, language, music, art and science. If you have any books or objects to support this topic please send them in!

Spelling Homework

Starting next week, your child will be receiving weekly spellings to learn. They will be sent home on a Monday and the test will take place on the Friday. Please ensure you practise your child’s spellings throughout the week. If there are any spellings that your child gets wrong on the test please continue to practise these as well.

Daily Routine

Registration /Assembly


Playtime / Snack



Lunch time / playtime

Registration/Independent writing/Readers/French etc.

Topic work/Music

Story Time

Weekly Routine

PE days Monday and Tues/Wed

Friday – Good to be Green Assembly


We would appreciate your continued support with your children’s reading this half term. We will continue to monitor every pupil on at least a weekly basis. In line with our whole school approach to literacy, pupils must be able to read, understand and comprehend the texts that we give them to read. Pupils will be assessed verbally and we will be encouraging them to retrieve information, empathise with characters and begin to utilise inference and deduction skills. To this end, we would like to stress that pupils must have a very secure understanding of their reading book before they are allowed to progress.

PE sessions went very well last term, but we would like to remind pupils that they need to have a suitable PE kit in school in a labelled bag. If pupils fail to bring PE kits in, they will not be allowed to participate in PE sessions for health and safety reasons.


Our third area for study is ‘Why would Little Red Riding Hood find our parks interesting?’ where we learn about ‘Plants and Living Things.’ If you have any books or items which might be useful for these areas please bring them in.

Water bottles and other pupil property

May we take this opportunity to remind parents that it is imperative that all pupils have a suitable water bottle in school. At this stage in our pupil’s school careers, we would expect our children to be taking responsibility for putting letters and homework into book bags, collecting water bottles and ensuring that all their clothes and property are taken home at the end of the school day. To help them with this please make sure all personal items are well-labelled.

Once again we thank you for your continued support and we are very much looking forward to a busy and productive term. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Office staff who will be able to organise an appointment.