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Developing Independence

As your child is developing, we would like to encourage their independence further so we would be grateful if you could support us with this by encouraging your child to dress themselves and to generally become more self-sufficient.

Daily Routine

Registration /Assembly


Playtime / Snack



Weekly Routine

PE days: Kits in all week please

Friday – Good to be Green Assembly

Water bottles and other pupil property

May we take this opportunity to remind parents that it is imperative that all pupils have a suitable water bottle in school. At this stage in our pupils’ school careers, we would expect our children to be starting to take responsibility for putting letters and homework into book bags, collecting water bottles and ensuring that all their clothes and property are taken home at the end of the school day. To help us with this please make sure all personal items are well labelled.

Once again we thank you for your continued support and we are very much looking forward to a busy and productive term. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Office Staff who will be able to organise an appointment.