ICT and the variety of modern media platforms for delivering experiences and engaging pupils in their own learning will be carefully chosen in order to provide reasonably “future proof” and flexible options for ensuring continued high impact in support of high quality learning. Examples include the creative use of interactive whiteboards, “participatory” software such as hand-held voting devices and technology such as “visualisers” which enable a class (and those accessing it via the Virtual Learning Environment) to enjoy a demonstration which could normally be seen by only a handful of pupils at a time. Expertise and shared purchasing will be provided by UCAT, which will always be at the forefront of the latest developments and the accumulated facilities and expertise will be available to be shared with the wider community.

The ready availability of these new technologies will be used to support pupils with the expression and communication of their ideas (words, pictures, ideas) individually and in groups. This will build confidence, overcome barriers to learning and encourage collaborative learning and a real sense of community.