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Pupils unveil the brand new “High Notes Café” at UCFS - 22/06/2018

The children from University Church Free School (UCFS) have been involved in developing the school dinner hall to improve the lunch time experience for all.

Improving the pupils’ dining experience will have a positive impact on school meals and the wider school day. The purpose for improving the pupils overall lunch time experience will allow the children to take ownership and will aim to develop their business, management and entrepreneur skills at a young age.

After receiving valuable feedback from the pupils on how to improve the lunch time experience, some of the recommendations included asking the children to name the dinner hall and to create roles and responsibilities including Assistant Manager for the children in Years 3 to 6.

Kaya K and Erin B said: “The interview felt amazing, I always wanted to do this and I really like the job.”  Darcy added: “I was very nervous and it was an amazing experience to be interviewed.”

These recommendations allowed the children to take ownership of the newly named High Notes Café.

Mrs Bartram, Teacher at UCFS said: “The salad bar has been a great improvement.”

Mr Farrington, Principal at UCFS said: “Friday is one of my favourite parts of the week – sitting at the Top Table, sharing lunch and conversation with the children who have earned their place.  I always wait excitedly to find out who will be on the Top Table the following week. It’s a brilliant opportunity to share some quality time with the children.”

Pupil Isaac said: “I think the music helps it to be a more peaceful lunch time and the top table improves behaviour”

Alexandra M said: “I like that I can help set up for lunch.”

Annie G said: “I think it is very good that the kids get involved and have an opinion”.

Adelle N said: “I think that helping the small ones eat has really helped.”