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Pupils programme LEGO robotics with University of Chester - 15/02/2018

Children from University Church Free School (UCFS) attended the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park to take part in a LEGO robotics workshop. 

On Friday, February 5, Year 6 pupils undertook a series science and technology related challenges to build and programme their own robots to carry out a range of everyday tasks. 

Pupils were split into three groups where they worked closely with the University of Chester’s PGCE secondary IT Associate Teachers. The workshop encouraged creativity, problem solving and discussions where children were tasked to programme their robot to do a series of challenges including a ‘Mission to Mars’ expedition before taking part in a ‘Battle of the Bots’ tournament. 

First, the pupils were set a task to design a character for their robot by giving it a name and adding some personal features. The students were then asked to programme the robot’s sensors using a computer, allowing it to move forward then turn.  

The Pupils were then challenged even further by programming their robot to respond to its environment by sensing an object 25cm away, forcing the robot to stop, reverse and turn around. After successfully completing the manoeuvre the pupils then added speech to their robots allowing them to communicate when faced with particular obstacles.  

The project has allowed pupils to work together in teams to develop an understanding of how computer programming works whilst encouraging creativity and problem solving.  

Angela Lupton, Higher Education STEM Co-ordinator at the University of Chester, said: “We were delighted to welcome the pupils to Thornton Science Park. They all really enjoyed the day and we hope it encouraged them to think about studying science and technology in the future.” 

Mrs Erica Cowley, Year 6 Teacher said: “Year 6 attended a very exciting afternoon programming their robots and competing in the Robot Bot Wars against the other participating primary school.” 

Ruby, Year 6 pupil, said: “I had an amazing day at the University of Chester and I would love to go back there to learn more about programming."