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Reception children learn about the ‘people who help us’ - 14/02/2018

Throughout the Spring term, Reception children at University Church Free School (UCFS) have been exploring the roles of different important figures within the community and how they can help us.

The topic ‘People Who Help Us’ encourages children to make connections between themselves and the outside world. The topic aims to make children more aware of the different jobs and roles people take on in their own homes, in school and in their local community.

Pupils first welcomed Dr. Sillitoe to discuss his role as a Doctor in a local hospital. After a discussion, the children were able to listen to each other’s heartbeats using a stethoscope.

The topic can also help allay fears for young children who worry about going to visit medical specialists or may have other concerns. By educating young children about the people who try and prevent these things happening, or help us if they do, the topic aims to show children the systems we have in place within our society to ensure that we live in a safe and supportive community.

The children were then visited by Miss Korcz to discuss her role as a hairdresser. Pupils learnt about the different tools and techniques needed to be a hairdresser.

Finally, pupils were visited by Miss Farrington to discuss her role as a Midwife. The children learnt how to bath a new-born baby and how to change a baby’s nappy.

Mrs Sykes, Reception Teacher, said: “The children really enjoyed meeting the different visitors and learning about different occupations. They now want to be midwives, doctors and police officers when they grow up.”

Bella, Reception pupil, said: “I want to be a midwife, teacher and a mum when I grow up! Actually, I want to do all of the jobs!”